Organizations not prepared for worst case scenario risk being sued

Source: First Reference Blog
Author: John Proctor
Date: June 21, 2011

A recent Reuters article entitled “Darfur kidnapping victim sues aids group that sent her” addresses an American lawsuit that has sparked a worldwide interest in the kidnapping industry. - John Proctor

Kidnapping is a booming global business, with the number of kidnappings taking place worldwide increasing since the 1990s. In 2008 alone, Canada had five hostages taken in five months. A Canadian Government study assesses that terrorist groups will continue to attempt to kidnap Westerners, including Canadians, and that the greatest threat is to tourists, aid workers, journalists, business people and diplomats. The statistics are frightening, and suggest that there is a certain range of countries in which there is a much higher probability of being kidnapped. If the risk exists, organizations with business travellers have a legal obligation to train and educate their people to deal with that possibility.

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